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We unite hungry food professionals with leading food companies. Which is another way to say we help good people find great jobs, and guide brands of all sizes on how to effectively build their teams. We are a boutique food industry recruiting and staffing agency, and for us, serving up old-fashioned customer service is 100% natural. We're specialists in hiring strategy and organizational design and we're also the only comprehensive food industry staffing platform that provides executive recruiting services, including interim placement, board of director assembly, and a targeted food industry job board.

FoodForce was built on the idea that trust should be the main ingredient in any partnership. We hand-craft each relationship from scratch and treat both clients and candidates to white-glove service. We believe the process of finding a job or a qualified candidate should be as simple as sitting down to lunch with a friend in the business. In the end, job seekers and hiring managers are both after that perfect recipe. We believe it's possible, and finding it is our specialty. What makes us different is our understanding that an ideal fit means more than just matching a skill set with job requirements. It's about connecting the right personality with the right team and company culture.

The strength of every business is in its roots, so we build organizations from the ground up. We start with the core, then branch out... after all, that's where the fruit is.



We help folks in every food sector, including baby food, baked goods, condiments, sauces, seasonings, chocolate, confections, dairy, eggs, fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, pasta, meat, poultry, seafood, candy, snacks, soups, and prepared meals. That's a lot of sectors. Let's just say we've got a lot of room at our table and we'd love your company! We also have an unrivaled knack for finding and placing 'cream of the crop' food industry talent in areas like sales, marketing, finance, manufacturing, operations, production, supply chain, human resources, and tech, we¹re seasoned pros. Best of all, we believe the whole process goes best with a generous helping of homestyle hospitality. It's why we think of ourselves as a positive Force in the food industry.


Critical to the success of every business is the caliber of your talent. We help brands of all sizes effectively build their teams with top-tier talent in ever food sector.




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