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Tasting the Depth of Virtual Reality in the Food & Beverage Industry

Industry News| Amber Jones, FoodForce, Mar 14, 2017

Connecting with your target audience in the food and beverage space is a necessity towards a company’s success. Virtual reality is taking consumer experiences to the next level and brands can embrace the new technology and use it to their gain as means to improve business.


Virtual reality (VR) is finally starting to take off and has begun to infiltrate its technologies into many different industries - retail, entertainment, education and more. The food and beverage spaces aren’t getting left out in this wave of revolutionary experience either, and there’s great business potential for the companies who choose to use it. The most useful way to employ VR during its current rise would be through marketing efforts. Creating engagement campaigns centered around this multisensory approach would allow consumers to relate to and understand a company and its message in a new way. For example, Project Nourished is a “gastronomical virtual reality experience” that allows their users to dine without physically eating foods that may not be good for your health or increase calorie intake, but the technology maintains the taste, smell, and feel of those foods. Patrón created their “Virtual Hacienda Tour” to show their audience how their products are manufactured, beginning straight from the pollination process. There are plenty of innovative concepts that will come from virtual reality as it continues to grow in popularity, so it’s important that food and beverage brands, manufacturers, and retailers are open to the opportunity of VR and how it can change lives and transform their businesses.


Conveying a brand message through virtual reality in the food and beverage industry can take form in a variety of ways. Read more at Food Navigator.

Amber Jones, FoodForce


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