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Sugarpova Finds Game-Changing Sweet Spot With Major U.S. Retailers

Industry News| Amber Jones, FoodForce, Apr 20, 2017

Tennis superstar Maria Sharapova’s candy brand Sugarpova has locked in national distribution in Kroger and 7-Eleven. #greatjobeverybody


Maria Sharapova is known for her wins on the tennis court, but switched teams and moved into the candy industry with her premium candy and chocolate brand, Sugarpova. Launched in 2012, Sugarpova first came onto the scene with a gummy candy line, including fun varieties like Flirty Sour goodies and Splashy ocean-inspired treats. Last year, Sharapova expanded her product offering and added in a chocolate line that has attracted major retailers across the country.

Sugarpova is prepared for growth, and 7-Elevens and Krogers will distribute the premium chocolate nationwide this spring. Sharapova is excited to get her company's products into the hands of a new group of consumers. The brand's goal is to make them more aware of an all-natural treat that will make them feel just as great as any other popular sugary treat would. Sugarpova is also non-GMO, halal, and certified kosher.


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Amber Jones, FoodForce


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