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It’s All #PeasAndLove with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Investment in Hippeas

Industry News| Amber Jones, FoodForce, May 25, 2017

Rapidly-growing vegan snack brand Hippeas announced that it received an investment from Leonardo DiCaprio and Strand Equity Partners, a growth equity fund co-founded by Seth Rodsky. To make things even better, we've also got a few awesome jobs with them! #greatjobeverybody


While many people are aware of the factors that cause our food system to be broken and the negative impact the system has on our environment, they do not realize that the dairy industry plays a role in the crisis. Leaders in the health, science, and entertainment world are stepping up and are using their platforms to inform others to improve the footprints that pollution, water waste, and food waste have left behind. We’ve been blessed with tons of better-for-you options in the food and beverage space, and dairy-free alternatives are included in that as well.

Hippeas, a vegan snack brand that’s known for their chickpeas “cheese” puffs, recently announced that it received an investment from actor Leonardo Dicaprio and Strand Equity Partners, a growth equity fund that with a focus emerging consumer brands. The portfolio includes dynamic food and beverage companies such as Revive Kombucha, WTRMLN WTR, and popchipsDiCaprio and Seth Rodsky, co-founder of Strand Equity Partners, join Hippeas general manager Joe Serventi as additional investors.



Hippeas is a mission-driven company and currently works with Farm Africa, an organization with the goal to end hunger and provide more financial resources to eastern Africa. CEO Livio Bisterzo expressed his excitement with the new partnership as it aligns with the brand’s values.


Learn more about Leonardo DiCaprio’s investment in Hippeas at New Hope Network.

Amber Jones, FoodForce


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