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Danone and WhiteWave Foods Join Forces to Become DanoneWave

Industry News| Amber Jones, FoodForce, Apr 13, 2017

Danone announced that its acquisition of WhiteWave Foods was finally completed, and the two companies have joined together to create DanoneWave. Are you ready for the dairy revolution? #greatjobeverybody


April 12, 2017, is a big day for dairy industry leaders Danone and WhiteWave Foods. After last summer’s acquisition announcement, the two companies have joined forces to close a long-awaited merger agreement. The deal was able to move forward after Danone decided to sell Stonyfield, which was a complicated process at best since the two businesses had been in business since 2001. Overall, the merger has gone for an estimated $12 billion.

Now that the deal is in place, Danone and WhiteWave are joining forces to create a Strategic Business Unit (or what we’ll call a SuperDairy Movement) called DanoneWave. The assets will include all the brands and businesses from each company. The two companies are known as giants in the dairy world, and with consumers’ large focus on being health- conscious and sustainable practitioners, this was a perfect opportunity for Danone and WhiteWave to meet those needs while driving tons of great business.


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Amber Jones, FoodForce


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