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Companies that Embrace the "Ugly"

Industry News| Amber Jones, FoodForce, Dec 21, 2016

Sustainability is a concept beyond a trend, and many companies in the food industry are getting on board. Whether it's repurposing "ugly" produce or using technology to make their packaging more environmental, an impact is being made. We've highlighted a few businesses who are fighting food waste. #greatjobeverybody



EPIC's product development focuses on using as much of the whole animal rather than scrapping what may not be necessary. From there, they create a wide variety of snacks which create their "epic" product line, which includes bone broth, bars, cooking oils, and more. 


Cups that you can eat? Sounds interesting! Loliware's disposable cups are made up natural and organic products, making them "biodegr-edible". 

Sir Kensington's

This brand has created vegan mayonnaise derived from chickpeas called "fabanaise". Almost sounds better than the original to us!


Barnana takes "ugly" bananas and upcycles them into their delicious snacks. These same bananas could have rotted away into pure waste, until this company came into the fold.


Find out what other companies are doing their party to combat food waste at New Hope Network.

Amber Jones, FoodForce


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