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8 Things to See, Taste and Attend at Expo West 2017

Industry News| Amber Jones, FoodForce, Mar 8, 2017

The day has finally come to attend Expo West, something that the ForceBrands team looks forward to every year. There’s a lot of ground to cover with over 3,100 exhibitors, so we rounded up some brands and events to check out if you need some help navigating the floor. #greatjobeverybody


There’s no question that Expo West is one of the biggest natural products events of the year. Attendees have the opportunity to attend education workshops, listen to speakers who are well tapped into the food, beverage and beauty industries, and of course, walk the tradeshow floor. What you do on the tradeshow floor varies - the ForceBrands team is there for straight business (and a good amount of fun), some are there to build their network, and others are there to taste and try away! We chose some great brands to visit and events to attend while you’re working your Expo magic, so take a look below!

Don’t forget your comfortable shoes, business cards, tote bags and game faces - you’ll need it all. And we can’t forget, if you see any of us there say hello or shoot us a tweet @FORCEBRANDS! We’d love to chat it up with you about hiring for your team, building your brand, and even general foodie, bevvie, and beauty things.

1. Verday Cholorophyll Water, Booth #3996

Verday’s refreshing green water has become a hit in the past year. The company recently launched it’s fifth flavor, Blueberry, and has recently expanded distribution in Southern California.

2. Sir Kensington’s, Booth #5784

Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise has been a hit since its launch at last year’s Expo West, and this year the brand is bringing a new mayo-substitute to town. The original recipe is made with sunflower oil, and the new guy is made with 100 percent avocado oil and lime.

3. Vita Coco, Booth #3050

You already know and love Vita Coco. The leading coconut water company is launching Coconutmilk, which is made with coconut water, coconut cream and filtered water. Though the product won’t be distributed nationwide until the late summer, you can get your first taste this week.

4. Dr. Bronner’s, Clarion Hotel Anaheim

Catch Dr. Bronner’s at Booth #3727, but kick back at the end of a successful Friday at their Happy Hour for the World Fair Trade Day 2017 Retail Program. Enjoy drinks, snacks, and stories from Founder David Bronner and more.

5. Hip Chick Farms, Booth #146

The dirty birds are cleaning up! Hip Chick Farms has A LOT to show for this year; features include their gluten-free chicken meatballs, chicken fingers, and chicken breakfast sausages, all of which are organic offerings. Also, participate in their Free Range giveaway to score some sweet Big Chill kitchen products.

6. Kaibae, Booth #F66

Sustainable beauty for the win! Kaibae is an advocate for fair practices in their product development and maintain strong ties to Northern Ghana communities to source baobab, which promotes moisture and *glow*. The brand has a healthy product line from personal care to nutritional care.

7. Women in Naturals Networking Event, Hilton Anaheim

Whether you’re a man or women, come together and celebrate the women who work hard to improve the natural products space on Saturday. This is a great opportunity to hear from influential women and network with like-minded industry folks.

8. Nona Lim, Booth #5575

Every year is a great year for Nona Lim, and this Expo they’re debuting their newest bone broth - Chicken Turmeric! If you’re feeling a little under the weather or looking for that mid-day boost when the floor tires you out, go ahead and visit them for a restorative bump. No spoons or bowls required.

Amber Jones, FoodForce


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