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5 Brands Making A Difference

Featured 5| Lauren Weiss, Aug 27, 2015

 Buying something that supports a good cause always feels way better than buying a regular name-brand product, right? Feel good about your spending spree by spending a bit of dough on these mission-driven brands:



Get a squeaky clean body and conscience: every time you purchase a soap product from SoapBox, they donate either a bar of soap, water development, or vitamin supplements to children in need at homeless shelters and food pantries across the US and several other countries abroad.


Green Mustache

Be a superhero while drinking superfood smoothies from Green Mustache. They’ve created juice smoothies geared toward getting kids to eat healthier while having fun. Plus, every time you purchase one of their delicious, kid-and-adult-friendly juice smoothies, 1% of the proceeds go to nonprofits that address childhood hunger and malnutrition worldwide.


I and Love and You

For the furry friends in your life, it’s important to feed them something that will keep them healthy and happy. I and Love and You makes sustainable, all-natural pet food with no gross, unhealthy fillers. They’ve also donated over 27,000 meals to dogs and cats waiting for adoption at shelters and rescues across the country.



After a guest of Cup4Cup founder Chef Lena Kwak tasted her gluten free brioche and cried with joy at tasting real bread again, she and her mentor Chef Thomas Keller knew they had to spread the gluten free goodness to others. Their mission is to make sure all the people you care about can gather around a single meal by making a cup-for-cup replacement for flour that is safe for those with Celiac disease.


Deep River Snacks

At Deep River Snacks, every flavor of chips they make is dedicated to a different charity, including Autism Speaks, Alzheimer’s Foundation of America, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and many others. No matter what flavor you favor, you can be assured your snack is creating awareness for an amazing cause.


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Lauren Weiss is a NYC-based copywriter with a deep love of all things food — especially pie. Follow her pie-related adventures on her blog, Friday Pie Day. 

Lauren Weiss


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