Interview Preparation

  • MENTALLY PREPARE Are you ready for your next move? Can you honestly visualize yourself resigning from your current position?
  • KNOW YOUR PITCH Be prepared with a succinct overview of your accomplishments. What's your story? Why are you there? Why should they hire you?
  • KNOW THE COMPANY Do research, check out the website, products, leverage your network and ask around for info/insight on the interviewers
  • SHOW YOUR WORK Have at least five copies of your resume and references handy. Bring a pen and paper to take notes. Come prepared with a portfolio of previous work/accomplishments. Print out directions to the interview location and phone number/email address of interviewer in case you're running late. Bring your BevForce recruiter's phone number to call immediately after the interview.


Make the interview a two-way conversation. It's just as important for you to learn about their culture and the position as it is for them to learn about your past work experience and skill set. Be humble and confident.

Come prepared with thoughtful questions that demonstrate knowledge of their company and business.

Know your resume and cover letter and be prepared to answer questions about everything you have listed.

Learn about the career path of your interviewer. Find out how they got where they are today.

Find out the career path for someone in the position you are interviewing for. What are the 30, 60, 90-day goals for this job?

Be enthusiastic and speak with pride about your accomplishments. Be sure you speak to strengths that tie directly to the needs of the position and if asked, weaknesses that reveal a hidden strength or neutral trait that will not impact your job performance.


Discuss salary or benefits on a first interview. If pressed, it's ok to say, "I'm interviewing for positions in (provide a tight range), but I am really focused on identifying the right opportunity." Be honest about your current compensation package...people talk.

Look at your Blackberry or keep your cell phone ringer on during an interview.

Give yes or no answers to questions. They want to learn about your experience so provide details and examples.

Make any negative comments about your previous/current employer or colleagues.

"Over-answer" questions. Be truthful, frank and as succinct as possible and keep rambling to a minimum.