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Executive Recruiting: FoodForce Reserve

A comprehensive executive search service that specializes in high-level strategic leadership roles.



How FoodForce Reserve Works:

  • When you engage with Reserve you “reserve” a Recruiting Manager and dedicated team of executive recruiters, who we call Career Concierges, to manage the entire hiring process. Our team-driven culture drives collaboration among recruiters ensuring you get the access to the best and brightest active and passive talent.

  • Upon engagement, we will host a strategy session call with your dedicated recruiting team providing a forum for you to educate our team about the role, skill set needed, and most importantly, your unique company culture.

  • After this call, your team will draft a job description, specially crafted to attract the talent you are seeking.

  • Your Career Concierge team will identify active and passive candidates from our proprietary database of food industry talent / job seekers.

  • Each week, you will receive a comprehensive status update recapping all of our candidate activity.

  • With Reserve, it's about quality, not quantity; our team will pre-screen all candidates, conduct extensive interviews and submit only a select few qualified candidates. Each submission will include a candidate resume and a customized written summary of qualifications.

  • We handle everything, every step of the way, from coordinating interviews and handling negotiations to reference and background checks, until you make a hire.



Interim vs. Direct Hire - What's the difference?

While Reserve Direct Hire is for permanent, full-time staffing, Reserve Interim Hire focuses specifically on addressing the interim/freelance staffing needs of food companies. It allows food organizations to quickly infuse their business with talent on an interim or contract/project basis.

Companies often have the need to seamlessly bridge gaps due to fundraising, anticipated growth needs/peak seasons of business, turnover, maternity leave or employee illness.  Interim hires provide flexibility for both the employer and the candidate:

  • Since time is of the essence, the executive search timeline is condensed,  providing you with the talent when you need it
  • The candidate can work on- or off-site, depending on the needs of the project
  • The scope of work is clearly defined, with hourly commitments billed on a project or hourly basis for a specified period of time
  • Opportunity to "try before you buy" - many interim/freelance hires are converted to permanent employees
  • FoodForce can act as the employer of record providing access to benefits and insurance (medical/dental, workmans compensation, errors & omissions), while day-to-day management and accountability for the project is managed by the employer

The Reserve Interim Hire executive recruiters, who we call Career Concierge, provide the same executive search service as Reserve Direct Hire, but they have access to the hard-to-find subset of candidates who prefer to work on a short-term or freelance basis.


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